Special Anniversary

Do you remember your first date with your spouse?

You probably remember your first date but maybe not the actual date on the calendar or maybe you do. I do.

Thanksgiving was spent with Kevin’s folks this year and so I called mine to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and mom told me it was their 57th anniversary of their first date.

Mom and Dad came over Friday to teach us a card game and have a bowl of chili and they shared with the boys their first date story.first date

I have heard the story before and always thought, who goes out on a date for Thanksgiving. But THE family dinner was over and kids want to hang out with friends and you just do. I get it now.

But really, that is just the start of this story, the meeting of a 15-year-old sophomore and a 18-year-old senior on Thanksgiving Day. football

Mom was hanging out with her girlfriends at the closed malt shop in Longview Texas in 1957 and the senior boys were there too, because they were all friends. She was sitting on the hood of a car when my dad came over and asked her out. She didn’t know him but had seen him in their wide circle of friends so she said yes. 1962

My dad’s story started a few days earlier. His best friend, Louie had a date with the hot majorette, but he didn’t have a car and begged my dad to get a date so they could double date and use Dad’s car.  He wouldn’t leave my dad alone about it so my dad said okay I’ll ask out the first girl I see.

And he saw my mom sitting on a car at the closed malt shop.

Later that day, the hot majorette had a family emergency and had to cancel her date with Louie, but dad kept his date with my mom.

I sit here and wonder at the significance of this chance happening. The decisions left to our own devices. But that’s just it. Are they really that flippant? I don’t think so.

I think it’s a God thing.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Because of this chance decision, my mom is a christian.

Because of this chance decision and the hundreds after, I have a first date with Kevin.

And here today, love is circled around my table sharing the beginning of it all.

God is so Good. note

On the back of this photo, that mom kept in her wallet it says:

Dian, I love you and I will always will for the rest of my life and I can never forget you. My every thought is about you and only for you. Love forevery and always. Mike Oliver

I love the mistakes and the love and including the full name, but especially “the rest of my life”, which he is still holding true after 57 years.


PS: Mom said the moral of the story is to be careful who you date at 15. (which happens to be the age I was on my first date with Kevin)

Finding Blessings Everyday.



20 thoughts on “Special Anniversary

  1. I still remember when they dating, & when I saw them together, I thought they had a special relationship. I was happy for them then, & am happy for them still. Nice memories. And they are still a very special, & good looking, couple.

  2. How beautifully put, Katey. It brought tears to my eyes…and my heart is overflowing. God is so good. Thank you for reminding me. He does have a hand in all we do…those we meet. those we say yes to. also those we don’t meet. and those we say no to. It boggles my mind to know this and to see the work of His hand around our table. Love you so much, mom.

    • thank you for the beautiful comment. i’ve heard the story before but something about the retelling around my table just brought so many thankful thoughts in my mind. love you. katey

    • So true Brenda. We found love letters my mom had written to a guy named Dennis. We looked him up in the year book. We were very thankful that my dad asked her out!!! katey

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