Hwy One

It started with a free companion ticket expiring January 31, 2015… Golden GateAnd ended in California.

Why did we go to California with a 6 day notice? Someone on Instagram said because you could. How true is that! Great timing with Kevin’s work and the boys are settled at college and so we went. windwardfog

I’ve always wanted to meet the redwoods. And that was our plan. deep in the woods

Nothing can prepare you for the wonder. kevin in humboldttrail on a treeThe trail is on the top of a tree and Kevin is at the other end. Walking among these giants…fills you with awe and humbleness and gratitude. panoramic

muir woodsenter quietly muir woods

large treeWe spent time in Muir Woods, Humboldt and Jackson walking in the woods. Wood Sorrel surrounding our feet, ferns brushing our shoulders and the trees soaring above. kateThis tree fell some 20 years ago and could be felt 10 miles away. It registered on the Richter scale. wood sorrel tree huggerWe visited the biggest and then the tallest. We followed the trails deep into the woods and saw a momma doe and her babies with speckled bodies. We picnicked in the parks. We visited the cemetery where the early settlers are buried and we walked along the streams. EVERYONE needs to meet the redwoods.

And drive thru one. drive thru tree

Next we headed to the coast.


We hiked and hiked to an empty beach. National seashore

2,362 steps one way! I had so much sand in my shoes I kept it and it now sits in a bottle with my sea glass. sand in my shoesWe stayed in B&B’s that were from wonderful to creepy, and ate breakfast on the deck and in the car. We sought out lighthouses and scenic drives and good coffee. near elkcemetary viewlighthouseartist at workelkcemetery This beautiful cemetery in Elk overlooked the Ocean. We stopped to visit and found we had great cell phone coverage so we returned several times during our stay. Each time I would capture more images of the beautiful pink flowers and markers. sunset sunsetIn Elk we found the sweetest Inn called Griffin House Inn. They have little cottages overlooking the ocean and they deliver your breakfast to your room!

Nice little restaurant there too. The best place we stayed and we didn’t want to leave.breakfastelk ca our viewAnother stop was in Point Reyes. It is the windiest place in North America and the second foggiest. We walked down 500 steps to tour a historical lighthouse here. They had resting benches every 100 steps. The sign states it’s equivalent of walking up a 30 story building. I would agree.

point reyesThere a Park Ranger stood in the door way and gave us a wonderful lecture on this amazing lighthouse and historical lens while our legs trembled from the hike down. The lighthouse began operation in 1870, the lens came from France and took six weeks just to get it down the cliffs.

We went to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. Years and years of the garbage being dumped down the cliffs of the ocean here have left an astonishing amount of sea glass. I carefully collected a very small few and enjoyed every minute of the gathering.

glassbeachSand and ocean making a pattern along the shore.sand patternsWe drove back to San Francisco stopping for the night in Sonoma. It was beautiful.point reyes areafleurssonomavineyardsbig treevineyard driveflowers2flowers3Back to San Fransisco we visited Fisherman’s Wharf. We stumbled upon an Arcade that housed only vintage games and novelties. Walking through the rows and rows of these wooden games and shows, we carefully chose how to spend our quarters. Everyone would gather around whenever a quarter was inserted to watch the show. We watched monkeys in a band play, a guillotine fall on a criminal, a larger sailor belly laugh, a dancing quartet, a cowboy riding a bucking bull, and men arm wrestling.


game room The best quarters spent was a little game where it told what kind of kisser you were. You put your quarter in and then held down the handle. The light would rotate around and then stop on your descriptive word.

Mine was BLAH!

Kevin was UNCONTROLLABLE!kissesWe laughed and laughed!

California is amazing. We found the people friendly,

An Alabama fan served us dinner in Eureka. She had an Alabama key chain in her apron. Her first love moved back to Alabama. She told us nothing was like an Alabama boy.

I bought two apples at a farmers market and he gave me a carnation.

Even staying in a haunted B&B that use to be a hospital was neat. (sort of).

My Nikon camera chip for the first part of the trip was corrupted I suppose through the airport screening. I was heart-broken at what I lost but was glad I had taken many on my iPhone.

Driving from San Francisco to Eureka the temperatures went from 60 to 100 to 50. So diverse and all in one state. We had an amazing time being in nature and seeing God’s greatest works.

The last day I saw this sign and I thought that summed up our trip and experience. signAll trips should be so good.





16 thoughts on “Hwy One

  1. Always enjoy your beautiful photos & the pleasure of following along your adventures. Your trip brought some treasured memories to mind, which I enjoyed visiting again as well! As always, thank you so much for sharing the fun! And, in case you don’t know – the pretty pink lilies at the graveyard are known by many names… the ones I hear are Surprise Lilies, Resurrection lilies, Nekkid lady, naked lilies & magic lilies. If interested in learning more, this is a good site: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/cfiv/homeowners/050818.html
    Now,I’m going to traverse this lovely blog trip again!

    • I thought they might be surprise lilies, we have those but look a little different. I like all the names for them! They were all over the area. Thank you for reading Jerry. Katey

  2. Loved following you on your whirlwind surprise trip (via Instagram)! You captured such beauty here – thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    • Lori, thank you! I think these trips are sometimes more fun than those planned for way ahead of time. At least things fell together well. Thank you for reading. Katey

  3. What a beautiful trip! I always love seeing your pictures and this documentation is so special! I love the way you view God in the world around us — I hope to have that same sense of adventure :-) Warm regards to you and Beef!!

    • Tori, I saw you hike that stream & waterfall with us 2 summers ago so I know you have the sense of adventure! The key is keeping it when you are my age! Thanks so much for your comment. Katey

  4. Had to go thru it again! Sooo beautiful. We lived in Fresno, Ca for 7 years. Our girls were born there. Houston worked for the US Forestry. We loved those big trees, and besutiful lakes. One time he was gone for over a month helping fight a forest fire! I was thankful when he got home safe! Calif is an amazing state. So happy you enjoyed it so much. I loved your blog as always, love you!

    • Jo, That is so very interesting. I did not know that. I read your comment to Kevin and he thought that was great. He wanted to be a forest ranger while growing up. Take care. Katey

  5. Just found you on IG through my friend Laura Venosa. How fun it is to see your trip in the area that I live and spend so much time in. We live near the Capitol city but one daughter is at UC Berkeley and another moving to Humboldt soon. I grew up in the Bay Area where my parents remain. We camp along the Sonoma Coast often in our vintage travel trailer. The coast and redwoods are my family’s favorite place to be. Just got back from Yosemite. So you see, how I have enjoyed your trip here. And you capture the very essence of being here. Lovely.

    • Kerrie, thank you for visiting here. You live in a beautiful state! We still are talking about our great trip! I want to visit Yosemite one day. We have a camper & were thinking how fun this would be! Great childhood memories for you! Katey

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