September Boxes 2014

mom's basket

This year’s September box started when I found this perfect sewing basket. I cannot recall whether it came from an estate sale, or from my favorite antique store browsing, but I knew I had just found THE September Box for my mother.

This being our third year of this lovely tradition, I thought I might have trouble coming up with ideas to fill the basket. I did not. I love looking for items worthy enough for the box. I was at an estate sale this summer and found a tiny glass vial with a prescription label on it. It was holding a collection of glass head pins. Perfect! A perk of the tradition is thinking about Mom a lot!

Again not everything, I bought would fit and I had to designate some for Christmas stockings and wrap a few separately.

My mom just bought a bigger box!

We have outgrown the cigar box!!

The history on how the September Box is simple. I read a blog about an art camp on the west coast. The camp brings 20 or so artists from all over. Before camp, the teacher draws names and assigns camp sisters and then exchanges names and contact information so they can get to know each other before camp. Their assignment is to take a cigar box and decorate it and fill it with goodies their sis would love. The blog was about them exchanging their boxes. They were decorated so wonderfully and full of lovely things. I thought this was so neat and I shared the link with my Mom and she loved it too. Mom said “I want to do that. Why don’t we exchange boxes.” I readily agreed to this fabulous idea and we set the box exchange for September 1st which was plenty of time for us to gather things and the busyness of summer and then school starting have died down.

As I assembled my year-long gathering of gifts, Sawyer showed up to investigate, smelling and nuzzling his nose on the basket. They enjoy the ensemble too they always show up

Mom and I met for lunch and were seated in the same exact table as two years ago. Mom opened hers first. My favorite part!

The handmade gifts mom put in my box last year inspired me to make her things this year. I created a little gathering of tidbits and embroidered them on an old quilt and used an old hoop as a frame. hoopI also made some sweet little butterflies using old book pages and waxed linen thread. butterfliesI sewed a few presents in pockets of wax paper. little happys

Embellishments, making even the tiniest of gifts feel extra special. DSC_0528 inside mayo spoon

I came across this little box of mascara at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. I couldn’t recall who used this in my past but knew I had seen it before. (Mom always had the pink and green Great Lash).  When Mom opened it, she said it was her mother who used it. She then demonstrated how she would take the tiny brush, lick it, then brush it onto the cake of mascara and then brush her lashes. Sweet memories recalled.sweet memoriesDad had bought mom some green depression glass while on the WLYS. Spotting this measuring cup with three spouts was just meant to be had. I found the little felted acorn garland on Etsy. Mom likes to decorate for fall.

acorn garland button cardWhen all the oohing and ahhing had ended from Mom’s turn,  I was presented with a large German tin, tied up with a sprig of fresh garden flowers. tinMom said she had a personal shopper this year and so several treasures wrapped within were from my Dad. He is a treasure-seeking shopper too. I think he is quite enamored with our tradition. His birthday is the 15th and I’m going to surprise him with his own September Box! He will be so excited!

dear oh so dear shaker

And again, the cats must check things out. Annie deciding if these flowers are edible.


wooden box

A few things I recognized from our WLYS adventure. treasures I can see my Deddy in a favorite field holding this little Pinocchio and pulling the string to watch his arms and legs fly, a huge grin on his face. I love Pinocchios! His feather in his hat is on a spring.

inside lidA tin from England from a sweet shop on Etsy called English Preserves.  My dad finds great sellers. english tin A sweet handmade bowl from Alaska from Mom. She also bought me a jar of Blackberry Honey from Pike’s Market. Can’t wait to try it. wax threadAnother Yard Sale find was this great aluminum ladle. An aluminum spoon is KEY in making jelly, as the foam when boiling jelly, sticks to the spoon and is easy to scoop out and discard. I was on a quest to find the perfect spoon and I think Deddy did just that!
aluminum I saw this lovely pearl bracelet on my mom’s wrist while sitting beside her at church. I told her I loved it. Here is was again, a gift to me. I took off my bracelet and watch and put it on right then. I was surprised and honored and touched to find it here again.

You are my sunshine. A song my mom always sang to me. Lace from the home of a fellow quilter who recently passed away. Poignant gifts from my mom. my treasures

Another year, blessing us both to be together to cherish our time and love with one another. A tradition that is a keeper.


PS: If you would like to see my post from the past exchanges. 2012, & 2013 click here.








8 thoughts on “September Boxes 2014

  1. Katey, I enjoy both boxes as much as if they were mine–such lovely, thoughtful gifts, each recalling a special time, place, or person! Thank you for sharing such a sweet tradition!

  2. that sewing basket looks mighty familiar ;) I love reading about this every year, especially since you gave me a treasure box of goodies the first time we went on a trip together two years ago. SO looking forward to our next adventure with your mama!!!! love to you all xoxoxo

  3. Katey the relationship that you have with your parents is enviable. What an incredible family you have! Would you mind sharing the link to the blog that you got the information from? I would love to do this at my art retreats I host. What a fun way to bring the ladies closer together! Thank you for sharing this sweet tradition.

    • Marci, It’s Terri Brush Art Camp. On my 2012 post I have a link to Collen’s blog post about them sharing their boxes. Terri has read my post for that year as well and was happy that she inspired us that way. I think it’s a great idea to add to your retreat. Katey

  4. I’ve looked forward to this post. You both create such wondrous gift boxes. It is fun to see & read about your selections, & touching to learn the associations they have for you both. I learned something, too – did ‘t know anout the spoon. What fun you & your dad must have as you search for special finds. Thank you for sharing the uniqueness & significance of these special treasure boxes. ( esp love your beautiful embroidery on the old quilt, & the quote your mom found for you.) Jerry

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