Nature Crystals

rime ice We awoke this morning to our woods facing the mountain edge, covered in a little wonderland of white branches. It wasn’t snow but even from my window I could see something was magical about it. rime ice I steeled myself with a cup of coffee first and then layered up and took a deep breath before facing the cold. The wind coming up and over the mountain face was brutal, but what I found made it worthwhile.

Icy spikes covered everything that was upright, sticks, pine needles, leaves, spiderwebs, weeds, moss, pinecones. I had my iPhone and just snapped away until my fingers were numb. (even with gloves)
acorn cap pine tree pine tree crystals pine needles ice pine needles spider webs oak leaf a weed moss acorn cap acorn cap moss IMG_5391 pinecone pineconeSo a friend told me it was called rime ice. I read and it’s basically fog that freezes, especially when a freezing wind blows it across objects, the moisture freezes on things. It looks like the crystals they find deep in the caves.

I found it quite beautiful and enjoyed seeing it up close and enjoyed even more my second cup of coffee. I heard that Spring IS coming this year! I’m looking forward to it.




4 thoughts on “Nature Crystals

  1. wow! i don’t recall ever seeing such a thing. just beautiful and so very unusual…turned everything into…well, something otherworldly. thank you for sharing this wonder with us. love you, mom

  2. Katey, you should submit these photographs to some magazine or photography contest–absolutely WONDERFUL!

  3. You are, without a doubt, a great, proffessional photographer/artist! Undeterred by weather & discomfort, you have beautifully captured such an awesome & unique face of nature. As your mom says other-worldly! It is so amazing that we can discover & learn so much by paying attention to what is in our own backyard. As always – thanks so much for sharing!

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