waxed leavesI guess I’m a grown up now. I’m having Thanksgiving at my house for the first time EVER and cooking my first Turkey. It’s big news!

I’m going to google what size turkey to buy for all these people and get it tomorrow. It’s official.

I decorated the table over the weekend. I had some unwelcome help from Annie. She was so very interested in tablecloths and runner. gerbercenter pieces

Last week, Chad and I gathered beautiful leaves in the woods and dipped them in paraffin wax and I hung them in our windows and scattered them along the table runners. I also gathered a few other finds in the woods and used in the center piece. Pinecones, moss, acorns, buckeyes, and bought some pretty pears at the store.

jesus and loveI hung some of the waxed leaves from the chandelier with slips of cardstock with gifts I am thankful for stamped on them. God, Family, Friends, Freedom, Beauty, things we all are thankful for. familytablewarmth

I used the wax leaves at the place settings and embellished it with a stamp that says “with gratitude” and tied a little twine with 2 little tiny pinecones hot glued to the ends that I gathered off my trees.  placesettingtable settingpineconesgerber daisies

the table

Table set so now the baking begins… wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and blessing to you. psalms


PS: If you want to wax leaves. See this post by Clover Lane Blog. It is very easy and fun for all ages.





17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Katey, you are so very creative and smart. I will never stop saying this. You are wonderful and I congratulate you with having grown up :). Love you very very much. Natasha

  2. First-time Thanksgiving Hostess – Congratulations! A definite milestone in a woman’s life. With your decorating & earlt prep -You are off to an excellent start! The turkey really isn’t as fearsome as we make it before having conquered it. It will be great! (Your decorating is always special, & it is fun to see what you’ve done. Like the inclusion of the waxed leaves with your Thankful notes. Thanks for the tip/link.) Wishing you an especially beautiful First Thanksgiving Dinner in your home this year! Blessings to you & your farmily.

  3. how lovely everything looks!! can’t wait to be a part of the family dinner! really do love the waxed leaves and the items for which we are thankful. you are a dear. and I know it will all be delicious!!! I am really looking forward to the warmth of your home and the people who will be there. love, mom

  4. What a treat that is waiting us all. Being together in the warmth of your presence with all the family. Indeed the Lord has blessed us all. Celebrating His Love and our life in Him.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet fam. Hope your day is extra special. Your table is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas! Don’t worry, the turkey is a breeze. If you have any questions, call me! Hope to see you soon. Love to you all, Nancy

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