Friday Favorites – Antique Auction

I went to an antique auction and Monday’s post is about that special auction but today I brought together a collection of favorites inspired by this auction.

I bought several things that I will share with you Monday but today just this one item.

The buyer’s remorse item.

I collect vintage sewing things and so on my little handwritten list of items to watch at the auction this was on there. sewing machine betsy ross diagram case

I shouldn’t have bought it. I don’t need it. I paid too much. I looked it up on ebay and etsy and realized again I paid too much. But here it sits in my home.

I stopped bidding on something else and wish now I didn’t.

I didn’t bid on something else and wished I had.

Do you feel this way at auctions?

Have a great weekend and hope you come back Monday to see the true treasure of the auction I attended.


'Antique Auction' by mtncachers

French Bone and Ebony Domino's, Three Vintage Domino's, Antique Bone and Ebony Domino's for Art Projects and Home Decor - VictoriasAttick Antique Lace - Approx 5/8th inch wide - Listing is for approx 1 yard - AnniesAntiques ORIGINAL VICTORIAN French name redwork antique girl's embroidery Sampler alphabet & numbers linen checked border signed great to frame! - victoriandainties Antique Dovetailed Pine Carpenters Tool Chest - robinseggbleunest
antique French 1900s Collapsible Top Hat Made in France - Paris Edwardian, victorian era - MaisonW Antique Oil Painting- Unknown Woman circa 1845 - VintageVitale Antique Rubber Stamp Set - Original Box - Alphabet Punctuation Symbol - Wood - KarenLovesAntiques Antique Western Electric Black Rotary Dial Phone Model F1 Telephone - SusieSellsVintage
Betsy Ross sewing machine- working 1940s sewing machine - GhostsandGarters Incredibly Handsome Antique Apothecary Chest - Newtoyoudecor Antique Crock, English Crock with Advertising, Sainsbury's Bloater Paste Jar, Stoneware Crock - RiverHouseDesigns Antique Cast Iron and Brass Kitchen Scale - AdryVintage
Mandolin - bunyasatmilton childs little antique trunk. - CubbiesRoom Antique Wooden Box with Handle Work Box from Gastonia NC Cotton Mill carryall - GypsumMoonVintage Antique Rolling Pin Birds Eye Maple Baking Gourmet Kitchen Decor - RosaMeyerCollection

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Antique Auction

  1. I don’t think there is such a thing as “buyers remorse!” If you love it (and somebody else did too) than it’s priceless…..You wouldn’t have bid on it, if you weren’t drawn to it…I say display it and enjoy…It’s beautiful, I especially love the sweet little hand drawn threading directions..

  2. Wow! I think that sewing machine IS a treasure! …and all the other lovely pics you had. I have been to auctions near Savannah and I sometimes felt just as you have. It’s hard not to when you’re bidding & “in the moment”. Keep hunting & bidding–you do good work! :-)

    • Thank you Frankie!!! I do adore the sewing machine just feeling guilting. I’m sure someone there is wishing they had something I got too! Have a great weekend. Katey

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