Church Camp 2013

prayersChurch camp always starts out with prayers being poured out over the whole camp. I saw these senior boys headed for the entrance and decided to follow them to capture a moment. And I did. Bennett, Harrison and Cole praying for our youth. My favorite part of camp…praying over it to prepare for the campers.

This is the 3rd year our church has had “old school” camp and we had 148 campers and counselors this year. We kitchen mom’s did some major cooking! Four of us have been together for 3 years and 3 of the moms are repeat offenders so we can whip out some meals. Between flies in our coffee, breakers flipping, trips to Wal-Mart for missing supplies and hot temperatures we were able to pull together and have lots of laughter and silliness as we were the hands and feet of God, serving meals to these kids.

serving hands

Our youth minister and his wife have three little boys and they were constantly catching frogs, toads, tadpoles and even a turtle and would bring them in to show us. I’m sure no heath codes were broken this week!! Everything caught was let go each night. Except the turtle. theboys

Justice and his turtle were precious. He took good care of it getting food from the kitchen every morning. He even had dinner with him. Mr. Turtle was let go after a few days. turtle

view from the grillI loved slipping away after lunch and seeing what craft they were making. I like to watch them create. This was always my favorite part of camp growing up. I can still remember crafts we did at camp. Crafts have come a l long way!!!

braidingdaycraftytie dyecraftyCamp is all about relationships. It’s a great place for people watching. I love to see kindness being shown, love being shared and friendships being born. I loved my hubby being there this year.sightsofcamp

Sweet Wyatt loved funnel cakes and was very concerned that we might possibly run out.

funnel cakes

Each day they had a mock trial where people were brought before the judge for crimes committed at camp. It was quite entertaining. We had a real judge from our church so it made it all the more interesting!! The last day the kitchen mom’s were brought before the judge for causing “gluttony among campers”. We were found guilty after several witness including Wyatt above who testified he ate three funnel cakes!! We were sentenced to be first in line at dinner and be served by the senior boys!. We took our punishment and enjoyed every minute of it!

friday servers

You never know what you are going to see at camp! One day while melting butter I look out and this is what I see.

you never know

I can’t pass up taking THAT picture.

at the water fountainThe kitchen mom’s dressed up in Mrs. Roper’s style moo moos one day and served breakfast. Sorry I don’t have that picture to share! One day we wore fake eyebrows.

grandpaOur youth minister made this awesome video featuring his cabin. I’m the one giving Kevin (my hubby) a bowl of brownies & our son Chad takes them away and the quest continues. Hilarious video!! Watch it here.

After a long day of being on our feet way too long, I loved to lay in bed and look through my pictures captured during the brief moments here and there and know that beauty is found anywhere.

My favorite pans that served many many dishes to hungry kids this week.

kitchen pansLinens that I watched dear friends hang out everyday to let dry for the next day. They felt stiff just like the towels I had growing up that my mom and I would hang up.

linensThe old piano in the corner of the mess hall that occasionally a tune I could recognize would be played by a camper and drift through the air.


I would come across a camper during solo time reading God’s word and be reminded why we are all here.
solo timeprayers

The steps we take every evening to go to worship together. I read difference inscriptions each time.


I snapped this photo showing the end is near, our time is done, our bodies are beyond tired and we readying the camp for the next youth group to come and be blessed….

the end is near

until next year.

Katey Deasy




3 thoughts on “Church Camp 2013

  1. this is one of my favorite posts of yours thus far!! I am reminded that we met last year just after you had spent the previous week cooking at camp – how you had the stamina to come to uncharted Wisconsin and be with strangers for three days, I do not know. I met you after I had just finished teaching the first workshop, and was already tired and a bit worn down. but something strongly clicked with us, as destined relationships usually do, with many clear signs pointing to that – and we’ve been very dear friends ever since. this post reminds me of your energy and dedication for your fellow church members, and shows the purity and strength of your sweet faith in God. I love you for many reasons, and these are some of them. oh, Katey. what a beautiful gift you are to all of us!!! I love you and all of your precious family so very, very much… xoxox

  2. What a precious daughter you are from birth to this day blessing all those who know you and cherish the time they get to spend with you. Blackberries, tomatoes, and peas await you. Love deddy

  3. Beautifully said!!! Thank you and all the rest for showing the youth group servants of our heavenly Father…….you all were truly the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless.

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