My Favorite Find Friday

thistleI’m always snapping pictures of things I come across and they collect here on my computer waiting… so I am sharing a few from over the last few months. All but one I have come across while geocaching with my girlfriends on Thursdays.

wildflower trail view while riding bikes

Hubby and I spotted this while out hiking. I marked it with the gps on my iphone so I can find it again. It’s so cool! A yellow jacket landed here. I think he was telling us to check it out. heart on a tree

This is in the Bankhead National Forest. An awesome area that I want to explore more. It’s beautiful there. 

Found on the side of the road. Philippa said, you’re going to want to bring your camera. My friends know me so well. cactus rose

Looking for a geocache we found this instead. robin's nest waterfallbarn quilt

All of this within two hours of my house, all you need is a gps and bug spray and a healthy sense of curiosity. Hope this weekend you are able to go out and explore a little.

Including a little assortment of favorites today that remind me of the colors and things we come across while out.

Enjoy. Katey

'I'm Out Back ' by mtncachers

Vintage Wooden Level, Antique Tool, Rustic Level, Made in USA, Fathers Day Gift, Dude Gift - NostalgiaWarehouse Vintage Wooden Clothespins, Rustic, Weathered and Worn - Lot of 50 - smilemercantile Vintage Red Wing Mens Rustic Leather Work Boots - claudedonohoshop Vintage French Distressed Shutter Doors - OrmstonSaintUK
Tin Ceiling Piece- Victorian-Shabby Chic-Rustic-Home Decor - TwoStoryVintage Mid Century Rustic Modern Floral Frog by Floralart - MercuryVintageModern vintage rustic green cast iron double hook - MyraMelinda Industrial Rustic Metal Pulley Large Weathered White Paint - TheArtifactoryStudio
Rustic Green Metal Tool Box Planter - MidCurrentDesigns Keys rustic vintage set 3 - NanaBettysHouse French Vintage ENAMELWARE TEAPOT kettle rustic blue LARGE - PetitesChosesDeLaVie Vintage Sheep Shears Garden Decor Rustic Metal - RollingHillsVintage

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


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