Virginia Bluebells (And other wondrous things that grow in the woods)

the beethe beeThe Virginia Bluebells grow on the Sinks Trail deep in the Monte Sano State Park here in Huntsville Alabama. It’s a good 30 minute hike downhill to the trail but that was my goal today. I passed two sets of hikers coming up the long trail and both said you need to go look at the Bluebells. trumpet loveI thanked them and told them that was exactly my plan.

the trailbluebellsvirginia bluebellsThe Virginia Bluebells cover the ground following a dry creek bed in this lovely spot on the trail. I found myself there in quiet solitude among the blooms and the bees. creek bedbluebellsthe trail

I found many other things blooming in and among the bluebells. fernferns chickweedwhite trillium

white trilliumrue anemone

rue anemonestar of Bethlehem

star of bethlehem phacelia


yellow violetsyellow violets

growing in the trail

These violets were growing in the middle of the trail.

plush bluebellsbluebellsalong the bank

They are nowhere else in the park. But they flourish here. Growing and blooming for a quick few weeks and then gone for the year.

I was blessed by spending a quiet hour among them.



5 thoughts on “Virginia Bluebells (And other wondrous things that grow in the woods)

  1. How tender and peaceful! Thank you for taking me to those Appalachian woods, where I was fortunate enough to wander last spring.

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