Easter Memories

Dan Easter Sunday.

Growing up it was all about the Easter baskets and the Easter egg hunts. The stuffed animal sitting in my pink trimmed basket. The candy!  The chocolate hollow rabbit! (that my brother ate the ears off) I cringe when I think about digging in my basket days and days later and eating the dyed easter eggs. Maybe weeks later!!

But for my mom it was always about the Easter Dress and accessories! I was never a fan of dresses growing up. I just hated wearing them to church! After church the adults would stand around “fellowshipping” and the kids would run and chase and play in the yard and parking lot and you just couldn’t do all that in a dress, not well anyway.we like short short

And the patent shoes were the kiss of death on the gravel paved road. I still have a scar on my knee from an injury that happened one Sunday night. I still remember sliding down while trying to run in those shoes and limping to the light between two parked cars to look down at my knee. I hurried to the nearest mom before the blood reached my ruffled sock. I’m sure they were my Easter Socks.She loved the long dress

Why did we have to wear dresses to church? If I ever got to wear shorts under my dress, it was the best.

Another fault of the Easter dress was the photos. Endless photos in scratchy dresses standing close to your brother. Just to stand still after eating all that candy. Am I the only one that remembers it this way?Butterfly dress

I promise I wrote that before I found this picture of me and my brother!! I didn’t recall us ever being THAT cozy! And what about that dress! 1977.

the bob

When I was 3, I don’t remember it of course but the story has been told, I had a pale blue Easter dress with matching jacket, complete with gloves, the bow, and THE shoes. After church mom showed me off to her friends and my little hands remained behind my back. She said “Lara Kate, what is in your hands?” I brought my white-gloved hands around and when I unfolded my dirty gloved fingers my palms held fat roly polys that I had collected. I do remember growing tall against the church red brick walls was think green grass and if you pulled it back you could find the biggest roly polys.Easter Gloves

Look at my brother!

Image 3

Why does he have a hammer for Easter photos? And right by his 3-year-old sister???

What were my parents thinking??

Even then God was preparing me for my life of boys!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones. We certainly did and were blessed to be gathered together with those we love.




7 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. those pictures bring back so many happy memories! seems like just a year or two ago! and, sweetie, if you had ever told me you didn’t want to wear an Easter dress….well, i certainly wouldn’t have made you!!! (not true…you were always the cutest one at church!!)

  2. I LOVED looking at your old Easter pictures! Dian is right; you looked w-a-a-y too cute in those starched, ruffly dresses to ever wear jeans to church on Easter! I remember catching roly-polies, too–but don’t think I ever tried it in white gloves!

  3. Loved this Katey, you were/ are so adorable and what a great reminder of Easter when I was young, all dressed up with my sisters and one brother

    • Laura, you need to get your pictures out too!! I’ve had more fun looking at them. It warms the heart. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring up there finally. Katey

  4. I didn’t read this before seeing your Instagram picture! Oh I do remember falling on that pavement! I still cringe when I see someone fall on concrete because I remember the feeling! Cold weather was the worst! Great pictures and stories!

  5. CUTE is the word! Great memories they are. Personally, I LOVED the dresses, gloves, socks, and shoes. Mine were not always new, but they were always handmade unless my Yankee cousins had handed them down. Thanks for your sweet work.

    • Peggy, The picture of the white dress with the red butterfly my grandmother made. I am quite sure that many of mine were handmade as well. Mom and I were talking about the pictures and she said “the same Easter dress showed up several years in a row for me” She was saying this because of how ugly it looked in the pictures but I thought about how a mother’s love makes sure her children are provided for long before herself. Sweet thoughts. Katey

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