Setting A Spring Table

pear blossom

There is not another season that we get a “fever”. You don’t get “winter fever” or “summer fever”. Okay, I know a few people down South that could possible get “fall fever” but really “Spring Fever” is just so contagious!!! A few warm sunny days in a row and even the grass is greener and buds are showing and the robins are all over my yard and I’m driving slowly in front of the nursery to see what they are putting out and I dare not stop because it’s waaay too early.

old picnic table

But we can and should bring Spring inside.

I decorated the dining room table and side board to get it all ready for Spring and Easter. I brought in sprigs of quince and hung little ornaments from the branches.ornaments

I made this cute little banner just with string and old music sheet, letter stamps and a rabbit punch. It turned out really cute and took me less than 30 minutes to make. It would look cute across a mirror or frame too. spring table banner

I gathered some favorites and put inside my old birdcage.



centerpieceOn the sideboard I strung some vintage postcards along the mirror. I love that you can see the reflection of the beautiful penmanship of the sender on the back. I love old postcards. They are beautiful, witty and charming.



I tried something new dyeing my Easter eggs this year, first I put them up after boiling before dyeing (Jack, our lab, ate 20 eggs, shells and all last year). He spent 2 days outside after that. Phew!

I saw this idea on PInterest. You wrap the eggs in lace fabric or in cheese cloth & tie up and then dye. After you dye them, dry them with paper towels before taking off the material. I dyed mine in coffee to get a natural look. I think they turned out great.

eggslace egg



It doesn’t take much time or effort to make your table look festive and make your home special for your family.

My cats enjoyed it so much they knocked over the branches swatting at the ornaments and the water made a ring on my freshly pressed “estate find” $7.50 linen tablecloth. We will have to live with it. Not re-ironing that!

I hope Spring is wonderful where you are or will be soon. We have had several glorious days of Spring over the last 2 weeks. I will leave you with a picture I took this morning with my phone.

She grows beside our driveway and everyday she looks even prettier and the sky even bluer. tulip tree

Thank you for reading.



16 thoughts on “Setting A Spring Table

  1. Oh Katey, if you could see outside my doors and windows this morning at the freshly fallen snow over the past couple days! Thank you so much for showing my spring…I so needed it!

    • Thank you Brenda. I can’t imagine an Easter without blooms but I’ve always lived in the south. Hope you have an earlier spring. Thanks for reading. Katey

  2. ahhhh spring!! you have such the perfect touch for making things so very special…just lovely. thanks for sharing. love,, mom

    • I wonder where I got my talent from? Never noticed Dad doing much decorating!! :) Thank you for always having the house looking so festive and happy and welcoming for all who come to visit. Such a blessing to be raised in a creative home.

  3. Katey, all of it is just beautiful! I especially love the coffee-dyed Easter eggs. Your photography is amazing! I can see your mom’s talent and love for all things beautiful has rubbed off on you–what a gift!

    • Jeri, You know I get the table decorating from Mom. When are you ever in her home and not see her table looking festive and welcoming!! Thank you for your sweet words. Praying for you and Bobby. Katey

  4. Katey – seeing your magnolia tree in bloom made me wistful for mine but it resides at our old house in New Jersey. My boys gave it to me for mother’s day many years ago. We ended up selling our house because we moved to England for a spell and to this day that is what I find that I miss most. I love the banner you created – so sweet and perfect.

    • Such a sweet story!!! I have a pink dogwood that I miss too. A Mother’s Day gift. I have some in my yard now but it’s not the same. Thank you for sharing. Katey

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