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fallen treeWe live in the woods on Green Mountain in North Alabama. Yeah, there are Mountains in Alabama, they are the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains. There are trails all over the mountain. The woods are ever-changing and I like when I go on them regularly to take notice of these changes.stream

Jack, with a spring in his step, loves to go for a walk in the woods. His nose to the ground he trots 20 to 30 feet ahead of me. Sometimes things become of such great interest that I bypass him but not for long. He likes to lead.

Even in the dead of winter there are things of beauty to be found. The colors of the lichen on the rocks and trees, the lush green of the resurrection fern on the big oak trees, the thick moss flourishing by the stream, and the bright red of the acorns sprouting into the ground. IMG_3734acorn split openresurrection fernacorn

Hubby says if you want a tree to fall just build a trail. It seems they are always falling over the trail. He will carry a chainsaw down the trail before summer and take care of them. He is good like that. fallen tree

Today I spotted a bouquet of daffodils at the start of the trail. They are 70 feet from all other bulbs. Never have noticed them before. The woods are always changing. daffodils

I scared up 5 deer today. They were bedded down in some thick underbrush in our back yard near our fire pit. I could see they had thick winter coats on. Jack was on the other side of the trail so he didn’t hear them. It’s the same group we capture in our “game camera” I recognized one. He has an unusual pattern/color on his hide. sweet gum

I have enjoyed watching the acorns fall in huge quantities this past fall and they have been cracking open and reaching for soil. I love the bright red and the thick root reaching into the ground. Life is so interesting. a life startingknotholeslichenlichenlichen IMG_3735

We got home before the rain set in for the afternoon. The waterfall is really going strong down in the gorge. I could see it and hear it. Maybe hubby and I (and Jack) can hike down  for a visit this weekend. I might have to take the big camera. These pictures I took with my iPhone.

Find beauty in your everyday.





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