Perfect Snow Day

coming down


Snow. Beautiful white snow. I love it. We don’t have it often in North Alabama. Some winters not at all. This time last week it was 70 degrees. It has rained for 4 solid days so snow is a nice change. housesmagnolia

It came in fast changing from rain, to sleet to a heavy snow. Blowing hard. The schools let out but they closed the Mountain before Chad could make it home. So it was just me and Jack to play in the snow. Chad didn’t get home until after dark.  jack at the side porchJack had quite a lot of fun in the snow. But he was missing Chad. 

Jack checking it outflying squirrels home

The sun came out shortly after it finished snowing and the sky was glorious. Magical. big skybeautiful skyarch of camelliascamelia

toolboxTomorrow it will be 50 and sunshine. SUNSHINE! Perfect snow. Here to enjoy, beautiful to watch, lovely to crunch on and gone.

fire pitfir treethe berriesbonfire seat


Here’s to hoping you are able to enjoy the beauty you are given this weekend.


Backyard skythe pinesthe fence



9 thoughts on “Perfect Snow Day

  1. Katey, I love your pictures! How beautiful and refreshing, and they capture the day so beautifully! Love you beautiful heart too! Sharon

  2. wow! what an eye for the artful you have. just gorgeous. love the one especially of the archway of camelias showing a lovely snowscene beyond. love you, mom

  3. Ditto on beautiful pictures. I was in Huntsville and enjoyed it as well. My mountain in Bankhead didn’t get any. I loved watching Viva’s 8 month old poodle Charley running and playing and stopping often to look at me as if to say, “Wow! Do you see this great stuff? It is so fun!”

  4. Very beautiful pictures, Katey. Today is very sunny here too and very beautiful too. Most of the days were very dull and even inspite of that winter this year is very white. All the time I am cleaning snow (we have to do it quite often this year) I hear the words: Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow Isaiah 1:18 (KJV). Love you. Natasha

  5. Katey, these were beautiful pictures, made me remember the snows we had when your mother-in ,Pat an i played in growing up. I also rabbit hunted (tracked) in snow like this. brought back a lot of memories.

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