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A few years ago my brother and his wife, Dan and Kami, made a fabulous find. An old frame with a Christmas tree made out of vintage jewelry placed on a green silk fabric. I had never seen anything like it before. It was big too. 15 x 20 maybe. It was full of beautiful pieces of old costume jewelry, rhinestone pins, brooches, a few bracelets, earrings, a strand of pearls intertwined. I couldn’t quit looking at it. When I got home I researched it and found out it was sort of a craft that was popular in the 1960 and 70’s and women would gather broken costume jewelry and make these christmas trees and many of them were lighted with christmas lights poking through the back. I really enjoyed reading about it and shared it with them. Never thought about it again.

Fast forward to Christmas this year and Dan and Kami gave me this beautiful cross made in the same way the Christmas tree was made. It is beautiful.cross

I love it. I love looking at it and finding things I know they searched out just for me. There is a frog. I collected frogs as a little girl because I loved them. There is a turtle because Dan has had a turtle pen his whole life. (box turtles) There is a rabbit, love rabbits, old key, basket, cross, angel. I guess Kami put the angel in there. I doubt Dan would choose that. (ha) frog pinbasketfaceskeyYes, these are pins that reflect things about me. What a treasured gift! I love that it is a cross that I can keep up year around too. They made one for my mother too. Hers is a heart and it too is full of treasured vintage goodness.

I was thinking. This cross is full of pretty jewels. Each one is pretty but there are certain ones that really stand out to me. They are the ones that mean something to me. What if you were looking at a cross made for you what would you find there? All of our crosses would be beautiful. But what would make yours unique?

What pins or brooches reflect who you are?

There are thousands of pins or brooches on Etsy.  I chose a collection here that maybe hold a pin or two you would find on your cross. Just like each of us. We are all beautiful but we each have key qualities that make us truly unique.

This year we should take notice of our “unique” pins and use these gifts in ways that bless others. Our crosses would then been seen in a light pleasing to Him.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16



'What Pin Describes You? ' by mtncachers

Vintage Brooch Gold Tone Hand with Rhinestones and Pearls Mid Century Pin Costume Jewelry - YessireePetunia
Vintage Brooch Gold Ton...
Beautiful Vintage Snowflake Rhinestone Pin - PatsVintageShop
Beautiful Vintage Snowf...
French antique shell hand carved cameo pendant bronze gilt  frame woman portrait flower ornate - PARISOUIPARIS
French antique shell ha...
50s Vintage Crown Brooch Pin Signed Castlemark Aqua Crystal Rhinestone Castlecliff - JuneeMoonVintage
50s Vintage Crown Brooc...
Pearl & Rhinestone Brooch/Pin - SimplyMabh
Pearl & Rhinestone Broo...
Rare Aqua Blue Rhinestone Bug Brooch 1950s - starsstore
Rare Aqua Blue Rhinesto...
Nice Vintage Gold Tone Metal / Clear Rhinestones Pin / Brooch  -  House - estate sale find - estatesalegems
Nice Vintage Gold Tone ...
French paste butterfly silver tone brooch. - Lyonesse4gems
French paste butterfly ...
Vintage Double Heart Rhinestone Pin - eveningangel
Vintage Double Heart Rh...
Vintage ACCESSOCRAFT N.Y.C. Gold Tone Sun with Face Pin/Brooch - JennysVintageView
Vintage 1950s Darling MOTHER Leaf Pin - VeriteVintage
Vintage 1950s Darling M...
1960's Pink Enamel Daisy Flower Pin - CamillaVintage
1960's Pink Enamel ...
hand carved mother of pearl flower pin - eharbaug
hand carved mother of p...
Vintage 60's Green Blue Flower Pin - RedHangerVintageShop
Vintage 60's Green ...
Vintage embroidered pin - salvadordream65
Vintage embroidered pin
Vintage PEARL and RHINESTONE CROSS 1950s - vintagous
Vintage PEARL and RHINE...

Treasury tool by StylishHome.



5 thoughts on “Jeweled Cross

  1. What a beautiful gift, chosen with such care and love! It reminds me of old quilts that you could stare at for hours because the fabrics came from old clothes or curtains or any fabric that could be recycled. And the workmanship was so unique, the beauty being in the work that came from the maker. As your cross and your mom’s heart are.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so pretty! And a cross that you can leave up all year is even better than a Christmas tree! Love the frog! Saw your mom’s heart yesterday, and it is obvious that that, too, is filled with special ornaments that were carefully chosen just for her. What a lovely gift from people who know you intimately and chose so beautifully!

  3. Oh Katey…this is beautiful in so many ways! We are all oh so very unique but some people I have found have similar core beliefs, hopes and dreams. My cross is filled with encouraging women, hearts filled with so much love they burst with kindness and flowers everywhere blooming with all their sparkles. Your brother and sister in law are so thoughtful in creating something so precious, perfectly created for you!

    • Katey, couldn’t wait to see the pictures of this cross – oh my – how beautiful and know what?? First thing I thought ‘I WANT ONE!” ha ha. I would never have thought of doing that with old jewelery – my what a treasure. Thanks so much for sharing – I loved it – and your blog as usual. Loved the snow pictures too. Jack is beautiful!!

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