Happy New Year 2013


Hello 2013! Why are you here already? I wasn’t quite finished with 2012.  Parts too good to give up just yet, but isn’t that a good way to go out… still wanting more.  It was a big year, one that I will remember, while others drift away.german glass glitter

But 2013 will be good too. Won’t it? Plans are floating around to fill our year with adventures. Daydreaming is bliss and really helps the after Christmas blues.

While I spend a few more days squirreling away my Christmas goodies and enjoying (relative term) the house being full of the boys being home from school, I wanted to thank you for being out there reading.  I’ve so enjoyed the start of this path and where it’s led.

I wish you a new year full of blessings along your path.

Happy 2013!



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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013

    • Marci, Thanks. I love Dr. Seuss. My son was born on his birthday. I laughed when I read that quote because it was my thoughts exactly. Thank you for making many girls happy this past Christmas. I LOVED reading about it. Katey

  1. 2012 brought you to me, so far from both of our homes. for that, and for our friendship that was old and seasoned and treasured from the very start, I will be forever grateful! here’s to a lifetime of wonderful memories we have ahead of us – dear, dear friend xoxoxo

  2. You have such a beautiful way of saying things – I loved the Dr Seuss quote! Blessings to you and Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.

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