Thanksgiving we went to Williamsburg, Virginia, as in Colonial Williamsburg, We stayed in the Chiswell-Bucktrout house complete with canopy beds, stiff arm chairs and sheep in the adjoining yard. Charming. The four of us along with Mike and Pat, (Kevin’s parents) loaded into one SUV and traveled there to celebrate Mike and Pat’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  The weather was crisp, the sun was out and felt wonderful. The sky so blue.  The boys interested enough to keep out of much mischief. A lovely time to be together to celebrate two occasions, both worthy of much thanksgiving. I loved staying in the village because we could just walk into the town and visit the taverns, Governors Palace or homes. You felt immersed into the experience. We toured several houses and taverns and only lost the men when the Cowboys came on. Each night we had different plans. Since Pat has been many times before she arranged the details. One night we went to the Governors Place and heard a stringed concert by candlelight. The instruments were period instruments. This was so lovely an experience. I so enjoyed it but I saw that the boys were counting the men that were asleep in the audience. I forgot the final count but I was surprised at how high it was.

Another night we went on a Ghost Walk. This actually was more of ghost stories. The guide took us to several houses to hear stories from different storytellers. It was done extremely well and I jumped several times as they were superb story tellers. Somehow Chad and I got on the front row in a tiny one room cottage and I quit making eye contact with the storyteller because he was freaking me out. He was really good.  The last night we went to a play given in the market place and it was quite entertaining. It was a play from that time period and the humor was quite the same as it is today.

We all posed but we had a good laugh when it was Mike and Pat’s turn and one of them said this makes a great 50th Anniversary picture.

So Colonial Williamsburg. It was like stepping back in time, walking the streets and touring the houses. Refreshing my history and learning things I never knew. This region is like a Disney World for historians. We went to Jamestown one day and the guided tour was very interesting followed by another tour led by one of the archeologist. It was fascinating!! They are finding so many things and learning about our first colony there. They have a great museum of all the things they have found on site. Fascinating and well worth a trip. Love history!

Kevin and his Dad

Mike and Pat

Shirley Plantation

We went and visited two plantation homes. One of which is the property of the first Thanksgiving. This was especially meaningful to read about. Each home had much to offer in their own ways and I throughly enjoyed visiting them. My oldest was very excited when one of the homes housed a haunted portrait he had read about. This WAS very interesting and even I had heard about it. Too cool. 

My family at Berkeley

 I generally saw what I expected to see but I felt more, way more than I expected. It was so humbling to think about what our forefathers went thru to come to this new world. Amazing they didn’t give up, such sacrifice, such loss. To stand there in Jamestown was so surreal. Then to be in homes where signers of the Declaration had been, or lived, where Taps was written, where Presidents have been, where Thanksgiving tradition had been started. It was just a lot to think on and digest. A lot to be grateful for but also a little bit disheartening too, to see how far our country has come from those truths.

We were blessed with a great time together and a safe trip and lifetime memories. It was the perfect way to celebrate The Deasy’s 50th Anniversary.




5 thoughts on “Williamsburg

  1. how very well put!! and the photography was outstanding. and as always, your narative is excellent. you are such a gifted daughter and daughter in law. bless you for the way you express your love. mom

  2. Your narative brought back memories of the past as if you were tracing my steps, but more than that, this time I felt as if I was with you. What a blessing!, deddy

  3. Katie, thanks for the beautiful pic of aunt pat & uncle mike. What a blessing to have been married 50 years. So proud you all celebrated together.

  4. What a lovely piece! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! My family has been to Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, Shirley and Berkley Plantations and my daughter and I are returning next week. Your pictures just revved up my excitement! Thank you!

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