Tennessee 50th Anniversary

A young farm boy known to get into a little mischief with his older brother was seen driving thru South Tunnel real slow in front of the house of a pretty blue-eyed girl. Rumor was he had a cigar in his mouth and was wearing his daddy’s suit. He was trying to impress this country songbird. She was the youngest daughter of the Key family. They had met at the local skating rink. He was from Portland. He was down at the skating rink to talk to the owner about a radio-controlled airplane. He didn’t skate. She didn’t skate too well either apparently because she fell flat on her face right in front of him. But that didn’t keep him from inquiring about her.

Before long they were going on a few dates. She would never order anything to eat so as to be polite. He had a checkbook so she thought he was rich. He walked all the way from Gallatin one day just to say hello. She was heard to say, “Why does that boy keep showing up here?”

He was voted most polite at his school and he was. Her sisters would circle thru the den just to watch him stand up when they entered the room and they would giggle that he was like a jack-n-the-box. But he didn’t give up. When he would eat dinner in her home if he dropped a piece of food on the floor he would stick it in his shirt pocket, emptying it later.

They were married just a few days after his mom passed away. He was still in high school. She moved into his family house to help take care of his little sister and his widowed father. A hard way to start a new marriage.Image

But they put God first in their life and God has blessed them and their life together.

Mike and Pat celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the 28th of December.  They are the parents of my husband, for this I will always be thankful.  They will agree that Kevin is their greatest blessing. And mine.

Mike and Pat are giving and caring, generous without recourse, funny, hardworking, and devoted. They are stewards of the Bible. They are a blessing in our life and the life of their grandchildren and their church home.

They still have a home on the little bend in the road on South Tunnel. I love to visit there and hear their stories told again and think about Mike with a cigar hanging out of his mouth with a checkbook in his pocket.

Congratulation Mike and Pat!!Mike and Pat




8 thoughts on “Tennessee 50th Anniversary

  1. Wow! They look great and Pat hasn’t aged at all. Kevin couldn’t be over two or three years old when this picture was taken!

    This is truly a happily ever after story and a powerful witness to God’s love and grace. Thank you, Katey, for sharing such a sweet love story. Congratulations, Mike and Pat.

  2. thank you for telling that sweet, sweet story. i think it is interesting that while God was bringing these two together…and planning for them to have kevin, who one day would be perfect for katey…he was bringing mike and i together in texas and He was planning that we would be blessed with a daughter , katey, who one day would be perfect for kevin! don’t we serve an awesome God!! who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places! Glory to His name for all His many blessings, including 2 wonderful grandsons who continue to bring happiness to all. love, mom

    • Mom, my eyes stung as I began reading this and tears swelled before I was through. You have such a beautiful heart. Of course God was!!! Thank you for reminding us all of this. Love you and Deddy.

  3. Such a beautiful love story!! They were a beautiful couple then and have changed very little 50 years later! – have learned to love these two special people like family! Thanks for sharing their story.

  4. Congratulations Mike and Pat. You both are wonderful and beautiful people and I feel privileged to know and be good friends with you both and to share the same feelings and hope in Christ. Thank you for being you. This story is great and I appreciate being a recipient.

    • Pat and Mike I know and appreciate those early days in South Tunnel. I didn’t know Mike as well as Patsy but believe he got the cream of the crop in that then heavenly place(South Tunnel). I also can remember Patsy mother who had a big influence on my life as a Christian. Congratulations on 50 years to you both and hope the next 50 will be even better. Everette

  5. These folks are special to me in the present days, but I loved hearing their background story! They’ve always been quietly going about the work of The Lord! Congratulations on your momentous Anniversary, Pat and Mike! You surely have found the fountain of youth!

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