The Color of Round

It’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m decorating for Christmas. Maybe it’s because the pumpkins have molded on the front porch and have been thrown into the woods. Or that I’ve been in a purging mood and got into the Christmas storage closet. Or that my college son is home this week and I want to decorate the tree while he is here. Those all sound like logical reasons. But no, not it. I’ve signed up for a church Christmas party at my house the 15th. Nothing will get you motivated faster than a deadline. I need deadlines.

 On my side porch, I have an old door with hooks, that leans against the brick wall. It holds a basket that a little mother wren raises her young each spring, and a old kids cowboy hat and a lantern.

But I wanted to make it more welcoming and “holidayish” the wreaths in the stores are so, so…. artificial. So I made one yesterday afternoon. I had everything already in my craft room. A styrofoam ring, and 4 yards of this great jute webbing I bought 2 years ago from Hobby Lobby because I liked it. I took my basket and my clippers and headed into my yard to collect from Mother Nature. I made a little bouquet of magnolia, holly and evergreens and wrapped in jute and pinned with long stick pins so I can easily replace when these need to be refreshed.

My porch is pretty happy this morning. I will replace the basket in the spring in time for the mother wren to return. So, if you are in the neighborhood, use the side porch. The front porch isn’t done yet!

It’s also Favorite Find Friday!!!  And round is my theme. Started thinking about it after visiting the Falls Mill and that HUGE round wheel.  If you missed my post about that please go back and read it. Such a great place! Had the mill’s cornbread last night with Veggie/Beef soup and it’s so good.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for reading and I love getting comments, that way I know you are reading.


'The Color of Round' by mtncachers

Gray Red Rustic Photograph, Rustic Farm Wall Decor, 8x12 photo, Industrial wall decor, architectural, man cave decor, windmill - IslayCorners
Antique pocket watch case.Paul Buhre. - CockroachShop
Natural Cotton bolls boll  Plant Branches Cotton bolls  - weddings-bridal-gift-home decor- floral arrangements- /seeds in the boll - PattiesPassion
Antique 1920's Gudebrod Canton Pure Silk Hand Sewing Embroidery Floss Thread 50 Yd Spool Pewter Grey - FiniRibbon
Felted slippers "Red&grey roses" - RitaJFelt
Vintage Urban Industrial Big Ben Alarm Clock with Black Chippy Paint - AloofNewfWhimsy
Vintage Wagon or Cart Wheels Good Red Paint - Idugitup
Bind My Wandering Heart Photo Block - BethColeHandmade
Vintage Magnifying Glass / Glass Lens - ethanollie
Large Vintage Steel Red Letter "R" - AuroraMills
1930s French metal paté pattern press stencil - Histoires
Ornate Dark Gray Oval - Rustic Shabby Chic Distressed Rustic Charcoal Grey Round Picture Frame - Gallery Mantle Wall Wedding Decor - TheDustyNook

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

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7 thoughts on “The Color of Round

  1. Katey – always love your blogs – and I especially love this old door – what talent you have – hurry and get finished – I sure could use some of your precious ideas!! Make sure you take lots of pictures going/coming from Williamsburg – you should get some really neat pictures and ideas. Love you – jo

  2. Your Mother is in the same mood and we had Bret in our attic yesterday draging out box after box of Christmas stuff. To bad my back is still in bad shape. Will have to come for a visit soon. Love what I saw!!!!

  3. i love love love your back porch. you are so very talented and gifted and loved. wish i had your imagination!! i, too, am decorating. love it. if it were snowing outside (where else?) i’d probably get the whole house done! ha. so far, i’m still in the dining room. hope i finish that today. if not, i’ll have it to look forward to tomorrow. enjoy the process!! love, mom

  4. Katey, Love you and all your talents! I have started decorating too. I just couldn’t help myself! Unlike you, I have to use photos and try to make my house look celebratory. I may try to emulate your wreath! I LOVE it!!

    • Peggy, I do know of Alexandria Stoddard and have her book of long ago called “The Gift of a Letter”. I have not read any of her recent books but do read articles from time to time by her. Do you recommend a book?

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