Bella Rustica Vintage Barn Marketplace

Bella Rustica! Doesn’t that sound amazing! Imagine an old stone barn located on a farm on down a country lane on the hills of Tennessee, and this amazing barn filled with vendors bringing their wares from all over for the weekend. Anything shabby, chippy, handmade, vintage antique and otherwise previously loved was here, in Pulaski, Tennessee at the home of the Milky Way Farm. It was a treat for something like this to be so close to home.

Mom had seen an ad in Romantic Homes so we marked our calendar. We bought early bird tickets online a few days before so we were able to begin our adventure at 8AM. (I also had to postpone the delivery of a media room plasm TV for one week to our house, I will never live that down) but I couldn’t miss Bella Rustica!!! Early bird tickets cost $12 versus $6. Totally worth it. It was cooler and not crowded at all!

Mom at the Entrance

These last two pictures were from Junky Jo’s. They had a whole room set up and I loved their style. They had a picket fence and bicycle parked beside their “entrance”. Mom found a great jar of buttons from them. 

Every vendor was so friendly. Their spaces looked so great. Some had just arrived the night before and others days before. But they all had their own personality. This market has been in Franklin in the past. It is a fund raiser for Agape of Nashville. How great is THAT!

from Junk Yard Gypsies

Dirt Home and Garden

The bowl of lace wound around clothes pins!! Who can resist such wondrous stuff? I didn’t! Nope. I cleared it out!

We saw SO many cute chicks wearing cowboys boots. It’s in season. And they looked styling. Loved this display by River City Candle Company with their cowboy boots.

Rusty Rooster came all the way from Louisiana and their space just stood out to me. It was really a knock out of awesomeness. My favorite item of the whole sale was this great mirror in their booth. The owners Julie and Chad made it. So original and clever, I now wish I had bought it. At the time I was thinking it would look good in a nursery. Now I think it would look good in my guest room!

the strawberry patch

This is Christy Jo. Doesn’t she look like a Christy Jo? She looked so cute I had to take her picture. Her booth was just as cute too. She is from Hartsville, TN and has her own barn sales up there. I will have to check that out.

Lulu Fine Home Furnishings

Liz at Lulu’s and I took a Ecourse together and I was hoping to meet in person but she wasn’t able to be there. She has wonderful things in her shop. Check her out! My mom and I both bought things from her great booth.

made out of books!!

Hazel from Vintage Junky

Vintage Junky had an amazing booth with great chalkboards and an awesome old school theme going. This cute scamp named Hazel added such personality to their booth. She is a blogger I’ve recently found and have enjoyed reading.

Vintage Junky

During the World’s Longest Yard Sale, I was uploading photos to Instagram and hashtag marking them to WLYS and I started following Funky Junk who was also posting photos from the WLYS. Well it ends up Donna is a DIY blogger and (quite popular) she was a special guest at Bella Rustica and did several DIY workshops.

Carter’s Creek Station Antiques

Vintage Shabby Chicks

Odus and Ettie

I love her shirt. It says Truth, It’s Bulletproof. She was tucking Rosemary into little pockets. It smelled wonderful. Sweet people.

We ended on lunch and I had a barbecue taco. I know, I know. But it was really GREAT! The cutest couple served it up and we ate under the big oak trees with a cold diet coke. Yum!! So who wants a ride next year?



4 thoughts on “Bella Rustica Vintage Barn Marketplace

  1. Thanks for including a picture of my booth in your post! I have been a follower of yours for a while, so pretty cool to click on my email and see my shop in the post. I was actually not able to be there myself due to a death in the family, so I was REALLY stressing over letting someone else take the reins and set up my booth. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to displays and representing my shop, so it was a doubly hard weekend for me. Please come check out my website! I would LOVE it if you would link the picture to my site too!
    Thanks again!
    Liz Bradley

    • Liz, I asked for you at your booth because I recognized your name on the vendor list and wanted to meet you in person since we had met online via Jeanne’s course and they told me of your loss. I’m very sorry. Your store was in great hands. It looked wonderful! It was one of my favorites. My mom and I both purchased something from your booth. I updated my post to include a link to your website. I hope we get to meet one day. Thank you for being a reader. I never know who is out there. :) Katey

  2. Katey-Roo, I was so glad that you and your Mother were able to go on this adventure, but next year I am ready for my turn. Love, your deddy

  3. It looks like you guys had a great time!!! I love reading recaps since I was there and missed so much! Thanks for your sweet words about our booth!
    Xoxo~ Michelle {vintage junky}

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