The trails behind our house beckoned me today. They have been neglected much too long and I could see how summer had crept in closer since I last had been there. Our dog Jack came along too. He stopped at his favorite persimmon tree and cleaned up before joining me. He must always be in the lead, if not he is in the passing position.

My mom had called earlier to say her sister had died. We had been expecting it for a few days. She has been unwell for a while. She is younger than my mom. She has had a hard life. She couldn’t be any different than my mom, different as in a tattoo of an armadillo on her chest, back when tattoos were NOT acceptable. Different as in “she sees dead people”, she told me this last time we were together. I couldn’t pass this by. I asked lots of questions.

When someone you know dies, it’s a reflective time and I’ve been thinking a whole lot about her. Dana’s life had been so different from my Moms even though they are only 4 or 5 years apart in age.  I can’t help but think about the different paths the sisters took, the big life decisions they made and how their lives have turned out so differently. And then how these filtered down to me and then in turn my children.

 On the trail there is a little overlook, looking down a deep ravine and back up to form another mountain and glimpses of wide open.  Someone made a fire pit with rocks and the boys discovered their chopped wood stored in the cliff below but it’s been years and years since there has been a glow in the ring. Several years ago I built a kerne about 40 feet off the trail on a big boulder. It’s there still. Why wouldn’t it be? But at this pivot in the trail I have always stopped and said a prayer for whatever was on my heart.

The only sound in the woods was acorns falling, and falling and falling. A woodpecker. Jack gagging on something he tried to eat. It was peaceful.

I prayed a pray of gratitude. Thankful for a mom who is far above rubies.

I prayed that I too would make wise choices and live a life that would positively impact my children and their children.

I prayed my boys would always trust in God. I prayed they make good decisions.

I listened to the sounds.

Jack and I turned to go home. I use to walk this everyday. I think I should start that again. It was just too good.



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