A Fall Mantel and Favorite Fall Finds

This week I had an unusual amount of time at home. Alone. I’d like to say my house is now spotless and you can drop in anytime unannounced and I wouldn’t panic but actually nothing in that sentence is true. I NEVER like to spend my time cleaning, and I would never panic. It is what it is. I didn’t use to be like that but I guess it comes with getting older or finding more fun things to do or having worse things to worry over.

Anyway there is a fallish feel in the air. There are a few leaves turning colors and there are acorns everywhere. Our basket oaks are overbearing this year and they have large acorns.

A funny side story, we have acreage up on Green Mountain and we’ve been letting a large part of Kevin’s mowing part grow up all summer and I had the idea that we should throw all the acorn into the tall grass so that little trees would grow. So we’ve been throwing the acorns for weeks over into the tall grass. We even collected buckets of them from another tree too far away to throw and scattered them all over this huge area. We drive up several nights later and find a field full of deer!! Perfect conditions for them. Tall grass AND acorns. 

I decided to redo my mantel and put a fallish look into it. I bought some pretty squash and pumpkins at publix this week. Yes, I’m ready for fall. 

I had all of this stuff already from here or there and just brought it together to decorate the mantel. This big cross is a mold I got from the barn loft sale. I love it’s colors and shape. The half circle I got there as well. The other half is in my kitchen floor.  It’s the frame of a circle window. The yellow rusty iron work I purchased in Murfreesboro. I’ve had it many years and it’s always on my mantel. Great items like that are good “bones’ for your mantel and you can work around them adding accessories for each season. The acorns on my mantel are from a fallen tree from our woods last year. I love how they barely peak out. There are so many types of acorns. Decorating a mantel really changes up your room and adds a freshness too it. (Kevin didn’t notice it at all, Chad noticed it right away, maybe this happens as you get older too)

Looking around on Etsy I found a few items to share with you that would be really nice for helping with the fall decorations. Hope you enjoy them. Have a great weekend.


'The Leaves are Whispering... It's Almost Time' by mtncachers

Dried Poppy Pods organic home grown woodland natural rustic brown, rust, cream - RedYellowAndBlueInk
One dozen wool felt acorns - table decoration,good luck charm... - feltlovely
Vintage flocked millinery leaves - RefineryNH
Autumn Leaves - 4 Assorted Cards - Playing in the Leaves - Reincarnated from Vintage Children's Illustrations - StoriesDivinations
Autumn Pumpkin Felt Rosette Handmade Wreath - EmbellishedLiving
sunflower photograph, fall decor, autumn, flower photography, yellow, sunshine, honey gold, green, vintage bottle - 20x20 photograph - SeptemberWren
Bicycle Basket - Red Chestnut - joannascollections
Vintage Sheet 12 Fat Quarter Bundle - Fall Autumn Thanksgiving - shabbysheets
Vintage Seed Packet Boston Marrow Squash - Great Graphics - VintageVendor
Owl Amigurumi - Brown And Tan, Cabin Decor, Autumn, Pillow, Plush, Made To Order - JollyOlChap
Antique Vintage Wood Box or Crate - "Fairbank's Fine Family Soap" - VillaChanticler
Vintage Ceramic Squirrel and Nut Jar - KitschVillage

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


2 thoughts on “A Fall Mantel and Favorite Fall Finds

  1. Another interesting story, and I’m smiling at the image I have of a herd of deer feasting happily in your field.
    That’s a pretty mantel display. I really taken with the owl and the bust. tomorrow is first day of fall — Happy Fall to you! jerry

  2. my brother used to be a big hunter – there was a photo of him in the back of his pick up truck with THREE dead deer. not one, not two, but three. then, he began feeding corn to the deer that would come up to the area in front of his cabin. once that started, he quit hunting, forever. thank goodness.
    lovely mantel. maybe we will find some goodies on our adventure! xo

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