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Have you read the Odyssey? It wasn’t required reading in my education so I haven’t read it. A blogger I like Edie, well really more than like, I admire, is starting a book club in September and this is her book of choice to start the book club.

I’ve never been in a book club. I remember when Oprah started hers and mom and I decided we would get the books and read along and be a part of them and her choices were terrible! Well, excepting once when she picked Pillars of the Earth, THAT is a great book. But generally Oprah’s were not our favorites so we booted that!

I am a reader. But I’m a picky reader. I give every book 100 pages before I throw in the towel on them. I only read books that have glowing reviews by my trusted sources or recommended by friends who are in the know. Picky, I told you. I don’t have a lot of time to read. I only read before bedtime and I get sleepy really fast so sometimes it takes me a long time to finish a book. Unless its really great then, well then I don’t get sleepy. And I read during the day too. And I finish it too fast.

I got my love of reading from my mom. She is a different sort of reader than me. She is a fast reader. She has to go to the library to satisfy her reading habit. She is a trusted source to pass on books to me. She always likes the books I pass on to her. Except the last one. She hasn’t mentioned it to me lately.

I grew up going to the library. Sometime the Book Mobile was there too. I thought it was really neat then because it had different books than our library, a new selection to peruse. It was really cold and smelled like books and I felt so grown up choosing my books inside it. At our library I knew just where the Beatrix Potter books were housed and I always loved Jeremy Fisher because I liked frogs. Two years ago I was able to make a trek up the mountain side, with my mother in law Pat, to where Beatrix got the inspiration to write about Jeremy. Yes, I do love to read. Oh, and we got to go to Jane Austin’s house and I looked out her window. Love to read Jane Austin too. 

So, back to the Odyssey. I wanted to share the link with you if you were interested in joining the book club. Click here to Go to her blog. Edie is reading it to her girls so how hard can it be? We may be able to answer some Jeopardy questions after this! If anything it will look impressive on the bedside table.




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