Friday Favorites – World’s Longest Yard Sale

I am at the World’s Longest Yardsale! It’s 690 miles long. It goes from Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. My brother and his wife have been going for 2 years and they get really great things. I wanted to go too. My dad didn’t want to miss out so he came too.

What do I hope to find? Well that is this week’s favorite finds for Friday. Things I hope to find. I made this list on Monday and here I am on Thursday night typing this looking forward to seeing again what I picked out. Because I’ve just experienced my first FULL day of the WLYS!!! Let me just say I had to find an ATM by lunch today!

Have a great weekend and I will be sure and share my pictures and adventures!


'Treasure Hunt' by mtncachers

ONE (1) Giant Vintage Numbered Big Brass Tag Large Horse Blanket Calvary Military Laundry Safety Marker Pin Number - CreativeARTifacts
3 little alencon french antique lace appliques - TextileArtLace
USA United States Map Vintage 1930s Original Map - Antique USA United States Map - Charming - Fun - SaturatedColor
Vintage Rustic Wood Cutting Board - Thick, Hand-Cut Shape - FrogGoesToMarket
Antique Mother of Pearl Chaplet Rosary,heart, wonderful patina, smooth, silver metal - VintageKeepersCache
German Made Wooden Box 28 Vintage Bakelite Ivory Black Dot Domino Set With Skeleton Key - TimelessByDesign
vintage Edgeworth tins, set of 2, Extra High Grade Plug Slice with great patina - AtticAntics
ANTIQUE 19thC Tiny FRENCH MILLINERY Velvet Flower Cluster Adorable Diminutive  Doll Bonnet Hat - AntiqueDelights
Vintage - Victorian Purple Glass Bottle "Royal Remedy" - MadeInTheFamily
Vintage Lace Trim 44" - whitepelicanboutique
Antique Sewing Ephemera Ladies Dress Pattern Lace Trim Shank Style Buttons Black Scrapbook Paper Altered Art RollingHillsVintage - RollingHillsVintage
Vintage Beads - Vintage Aqua Blue German Glass Bead --  Spiral Twist - BippityBooSupplies
Landscape Photography, Skyscape Photography, Blue Skies, Desert, Landscape, Eastern Washington, Clouds, Summer Time, 8 x 10 Fine Art Prints - DragonflyPhotography
Vintage Brass Bead Cap with Loop - 4 Pieces - yummyjewels
Antique Buttons - Collectible Super Pearl Card of 12 Mother of Pearl Buttons - LillianOlive
Vintage american family scale - dudads

Treasury tool by StylishHome.




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