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It’s the sort of sign that makes you want to follow and see where it goes but on the World’s Longest Yardsale you see alot of signs that pique your interest. But my brother, Dan, had seen this one before and wished he had followed it. So last Friday we did.

We departed highway 127 at the prettiest spot in the valley. A white church equipped with a steeple was perched on a little rise in the center of the valley. There was a cemetery on one side, rolling hills and farmland surrounded the church and the Appalachia Mountains loomed over the valley with its large exposed limestone rocks peeking out between the green trees. There was the sign Barn Loft Sale. Did it say 12 miles or 1/2 mile we couldn’t tell. We decided to try for 1/2 but not the 12. It was neither.

1.2 miles to Barn Loft Sale. We pull in beside a beautiful property and were greeted by a very friendly guy. He was a character. A gardner, a story teller, a piddler, a farmer, and a creator of sorts. We didn’t have to set foot into his barn and our detour would have been worth it.

The owner said “My wife said I wasn’t spending enough time in the garden so I built a helper”

He and his wife had a lovely garden and some beautiful chickens called silkies. The long feathers looked like hair as they padded around in their pen. He said they laid beautiful eggs with the yellowest of yokes.

The loft was full of wonders. I wish I had taken more pictures. He had made several great caddies using old axe handles and old fence pieces. He made a great big pumpkin out of barbed wire. They had large architectural pieces that were amazing.

They are planning on developing their barn sales to be four times a year and have produce for sale too and hope to include some other activities like crafts. I left my email to be kept informed. I would like to go back.

I love detours like this! I’ve never shopped in a barn loft!! So this weeks favorite finds are barn favorites. Enjoy and have a great weekend.


'Barn Loft Sale' by mtncachers

Old Barn Fine Art Photography Print - RacheleMorlan
Bias Tape  Double Fold  Red Gingham Cotton and Lace Crochet - HollandFabricHouse
Red Gingham Boutonniere - CurtseyBridal
French Farm Bucket - SundayBrocantes
LONE STAR Quilt Red White Blue Patriotic Lap Quilt Texas Pride - carolinasquirrell
Vintage basket - vintagelinensplus
Rooster - WhimsicalWags
4 Yard mini Ball of 1" wide charming upcycled Christmas Red Gingham Checkered FABRIC RIBBON - for Crafting, Gift Wrapping, Decorating - kawaiigoodies
Strawberry Crib Baby Girl Quilt Red Black White Cream Floral - beartoothbackyard
Vintage  Vintage  GentleMen's  Chap  Straw Hat - olduniquetreasures
Cast Iron Pulley Wheel Industrial Rustic Farm Salvage Garden Wall Decor - RibbonsAndRetro
NOTE CARDS Feature a Vintage Tablecloth with Red Border and Blue Tulips, "Hot Summer Picnic," Package of 8 Cards, 9 Envelopes, 10 Gift Tags - ADelightfulReuse
valentine red vintage gingham fat quarter trio - scrumdillydilly
Vintage Pitchfork - Vintage Farm Tools - JustSmashingDarling
Antique art nouveau picnic basket - DACAIS
Clothespins.  Set of Ten.  Red Gingham - ThePaperedCrown

Treasury tool by StylishHome.




2 thoughts on “Barn Loft Sale -Friday Favorites

  1. I felt like an armchair companion as I read your last two posts — so interesting! As always, your pictures add colorful appeal to your stories (literally & figuratively). I was telling a friend about these posts earlier.
    I love the story about finding the photo of the all those people, which included your husband’s grandfather and aunt. What fun! Amazing serendipity! I just squealed with delight for you and your family. And your dad’s response was a perfect wrap-up to the experience, and the telling of it.
    Note: I didn’t get notice of either post, so I tried to sign up again today (via “Follow”), and it said I was “already subscribed”… j

  2. What an adventure! I understand it was your best Anniversity ever. Keep looking for all the treasures along your path.

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