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I love back to school time. I love the shopping, I love the list, and the new supplies. I did when I was young and now I love to take the boys shopping for their supplies. I recently ran into a friend from church at Staples who was telling me about things they have for lockers now. They sell magnetic battery powered motion sensor chandeliers for lockers. Think about it! That description packs a lot. When the girls open their locker it lights up and circles around. Imagine that! She went on to say they wallpaper the inside of their lockers and put little carpets down. I have boys. I don’t live in this world. So girly! Mine are excited if they have a shelf that fits.

I’m in Arkansas now settling Drew into his dorm for his first year at Harding University. I’m not quite ready to write about it. But school starts for both my boys on Monday and I wanted to feature some of my favorite back to school finds. I hope you enjoy it and it brings back good memories to you as well.


'The School Bell is Ringing' by mtncachers

vintage industrial brownbuilt single door locker - epochco Mid Century World Globe // 1950s World Explorer - 86home vintage chalkboard - sadieolive Vintage Pencil Sharpener by Berol - BewitchingVintage
Vintage - Metal Lunch Box - alexanderpenelope red plaid pleated skirt schoolgirl plus size 19 psychedelic paisley boho bohemian punk - BrightCloset 3 vintage wooden rulers with great patina with cm and scale conversion - vintagecuriosityshop Vintage Map World Original 1944 - PastOnPaper
Beaker Vintage Apothecary Measuring Beaker - lisabretrostyle2 More Fun with Our Friends - Dick and Jane First grade Basic Reader Book --dick, jane, spot vintage textbook - MyraMelinda Antique Cracked Brass Hand School Bell - LCsWoodtopia Vintage School Clock 1960 - ifindubuy
Yellow School Lunch Trays from the 70s Melamine - Weirdsville Converse Coach Black Label All Stars Sneakers Vintage USA Mens 6 - AntoinettesWhims Vintage Multiplication Flash Cards, 1948, full set - VintageRescueSquad vintage child's school chair / playroom chair - AMradio

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


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