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Saturday morning I went to Sam’s Club. It was necessary. The cashier was friendly. She asked me about my day, I asked about hers. She said she had been working all morning at an estate sale and how the parking caused such a problem the police came to help, then told me where it was. I never asked. But certainly wanted to know and sure enough it was on my way home.

There were not many cars when I got there but I stopped short when I realized which house it was. I knew the man that lived here. He died several years ago so his wife must have died recently. I debated whether to go inside. I’ve never been to an estate sale of someone I knew. It seemed really weird. Then I thought about George who once lived here and how much he meant to Kevin and I. I thought it would be really neat to own something that belong to him so I went inside.

I asked several of the people working if they were related to the Shepard’s but they all worked for the estate sales company. I wanted to tell them how much George meant to us. Kevin worked with George for many years. He was VP of Personnel. He was a character. He always seemed a bit disorganized with stacks in his office and post it notes clipped on his tie and his wallet 3 inches thick but he never forgot a favor or a face. I worked for him one summer helping him get his office in order and we became fast friends. When I rolled in the large trash cans and began throwing things out he told me I was a “haaarrrrddd woman”. A quote my family still uses today. Thanks George. He grew up in Fayette, Alabama. Just a dot on the map but he shared wonderful stories of growing up there. He was very proud of Golden Eagle Syrup that is made in Fayette and would always have a Walmart sack of jars in his car. He would give them to our boys and tell them it would make them run faster. They believed him. Yes, I wanted something that belonged to dear sweet George.

Making my way inside I remembered being here when we visited George but it looked much different. I made my way around and eventually found my way into a laundry room but it was full of old books. I love books. Especially old ones. I pulled piles out and read the titles and flipped through them. I gathered a few I wanted to buy. Then I saw one that caught my eye. It was the Bible. I wondered if it was Georges. I pulled it out and his name was inscribed on the front cover in gold letters. I held it close to me and the happiness of the find was taken over by tears in my eyes. A treasure indeed. 

I found some linens, a pin, an antique clock that now sits on our mantel in the kitchen and chimes every 30 minutes. George would be happy to know we have these things and that they will be loved…again.

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'Peaches and Green ' by mtncachers

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Treasury tool by StylishHome.




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  1. Great post Katey. Love reading it and knowing others go to estate sales like I do. I think of the person who’s items they were and how they must have used them, loved them and cherished them. And what a treasure that you found George’s Bible!

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