Favorite Find Friday – The Queen

The Queen of England is about to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee which marks 60 years of the Queen’s reign. The Queen came to the throne on  February 6, 1952, her Coronation took place on June 2, 1953. Queen Victoria is the only other British Monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. She was 78 and it was in 1897.

I found an interesting website full of facts about the Queen and her life, I even sent the Queen a message! I got a special message from the Queen back. I mean it’s not often you get an email back from Buckingham Palace. It’s looks SO funny in my inbox!  Also on the website are plans for the big celebration, great history of the Monarch and facts on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and some video footage of her riding in her carriage. Interestingly she received 1310 telegrams from around the world. She wrote this in her diary.“A never to be forgotten day. No one ever, I believe, has met with such an ovation as was given to me, passing through those 6 miles of streets, including Constitution Hill. The crowds were quite indescribable and their enthusiasm truly marvellous and deeply touching. The cheering was quite deafening and every face seemed to be filled with joy.”

In honor of this historical event I thought I would feature the Queen in my favorite finds and it was quite fun to see all the unique items available getting ready for this special time.

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth. I wish I was there to wave to you as you pass in your horse drawn carriage. Wouldn’t you love to be there too? We could go for tea and scones after the carriage passed.


'The Queen ' by mtncachers

Celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This treasury will also be featured in my favorite find Friday blog post at www.lovethegiver.com.

Print of Queen Elizabeth in Art Deco painting by George Barbier from page of magazine - ArtdeLimaginaire
Gold Coin Antique Brass Locket Necklace, Vintage Queen Elizabeth  Brass Locket Necklace - gsakowskistudio
Stamp Queen Brooch Diamond Jubilee (First Class) - andsmile
Crowning Glory for Queen Elizabeths 60 years on the throne - Made in Britain from a vintage map - SewPaperArt
Diamond Jubilee hand-printed linen souvenir pincushion - Queen Elizabeth, commemorative, 60th - Corydora
Queen Elizabeth - tmeyer55
Queen Wall Art Queen Elizabeth Stamp Sign - SlippinSouthern
Jubilee Mini Lavender Cushion - CarolineEmbroidery
Antique Tin Souvenir with H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 1959  by Barneche - Barneche
Queen Elizabeth II, unique wearable fiber art necklace - Cesart64
Diamond Jubilee vintage linen appliqued commemorative pillow - libertyrose
Queen Elizabeth ii Jubilee Art Print A4 - Cymraes

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


One thought on “Favorite Find Friday – The Queen

  1. This was so fun! Thanks for the info. I have always been interested in English history, and never thought about an opportunity to send a message to The Queen. I sent the website to just about everyone I know, so (if they are interested) they can share it with their children &/or grandchildren. what potential for conversation — about the Queen, history, celebration and what to write in the message… (my “teacher” inclination) The reply would make a fun addition to a child’s (or adult’s) scrapbook, too. this was a jewel in your crown of Favorite Finds. jerry

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