My Son

Today my oldest graduates from high school. And I am good with that. I have peace with it. That doesn’t mean that I am not worried about his future or that I think he’s got it all figured out. But I’m at peace, knowing that we did the best we knew how, and we tried to be the kind of parents God wanted us to be. We made mistakes for certain, raising boys is hard work, but God has blessed us with an enormous support group and for this I owe much. We encircled the boys in an environment of faithful grandparents, church friends, and youth ministers while we raised them and it has been the greatest blessing.

A friend once told me my prayer life would forever change once my children got in high school and I have to agree. I have several close friends, I guess I could call my prayer warriors, and I know they are always praying for me and my family and I for theirs. Just a call or text or email away and they are praying specifically for something heavy on my heart. They are jewels in my life.  This is what gives me peace today.

Thank you friends and family for God has answered your prayers. But keep praying as our family begins a new welcomed phase of our lives.


Drew Cartwright Deasy

proud of you and love you. mom




11 thoughts on “My Son

  1. Wow !!! Congratulations and what a handsome young man you have…I am sure his gifts will shine on the world like he does…Take care and enjoy every minute of summer….

  2. Such a nice tribute to Drew, family and friends.
    Congratulations to Drew, the graduate! And, Best Wishes to you all through this time of transition. jerry

    • Jerry, Thank you. Thank you too for the most beautiful cards you made for me and my mother. So thoughtful of you!! You are talented indeed. Katey

      • so glad you both are pleased. (and that I was able to keep it a surprise) Like a child, I was near bursting to tell you about them, when you mentioned the photos you had taken of your mom’s hydrangeas. I tried various borders on the cards/pics, but my priority was that nothing distract from the pictures themselves. Your mom said she wanted to keep them (rather than use them). I told her I would send her additional. I’ll include extras for you, too.

  3. Katey, this is beautiful!

    Drew is truly blesses to have such wonderful parents and grandparents. His future is filled with hope and endless possibilities.

    Congratulations and best wishes to Drew!

    With love,
    Aunt Sylvia

  4. Katey: What beautiful seniments to your son and friends. Congratulations to Drew – You are such a remarkable family! May God continue to bless you all.

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