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Inman Park Art Festival is in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a cute little hip neighborhood that is celebrating their 41st year of hosting this festival. My girlfriends and I found out about it by accident 2 years ago. We had a girls trip to see Lady Diana’s exhibit including her wedding dress and I made the reservation at this bed and breakfast and we love it! The King Keith Bed and Breakfast. The owner said you should have been here last weekend, it was our Art Festival. We saw some of her purchases including the flying pig in her garden made out of a propane tank and so we came back. This year is our 2nd time to the Festival.

King Keith

King Keith Bed and Breakfast

Flying Pig

Jan, the owner told us they began having the festival to raise money to restore parts of Inman Park which was Atlanta’s first true planned community built back in 1890s. It’s a trendy area and comes alive during the festival. There are over 400 vendors from antique sellers to arts and crafts to artisans. There are 15 open houses from various periods from Victorian to Craftsman. They have bands performing on 4 stages, street vendors and a hugely popular parade at 2 pm that is CRAZY! One “float” was “Bridesmaid’s Dresses” and we saw a fellow guest at our B&B ON THE FLOAT and she was from New York!! Craziness. My favorite is the older folks that dress up and dance and play in the band. I got some close up shots of their performance and their sign. Love the fun they have!!

Character in the Parade

The Flutist

Abominable Behavior! Indeed

The shopping is amazing! The booths opened at noon but we start walking around well before that! I hit my favorites from last year first, because I like the vintage/antique stuff and knew the good stuff would go first. I spent an hour going through the button lady’s mother of pearl buttons!  Found a new vendor that I could have just kicked her out and taken over her booth. Loved her stuff! Bought several jewelry items from Maureen from North Carolina. She had beautiful jewelry and was right outside our B&B so had to pass her several times a day! The shame!

Dress form of Goodness




Awesome Display

Love the legs in the stroller!!!

Antique hands jewelry display

We 4 friends ate fabulous meals, shopped at Virginia Highlands, enjoyed coffee in our room delivered an hour before breakfast, stayed up late, we ate homemade peach bread for dessert, we oohh over each others buys, bought each other birthday presents and even graduation gifts for our seniors. But when it came to shopping we divided and conquered! It was a great trip.

Porta Via in Virginia Highlands

Shops in Virginia Highland

Another neat store in Virginia Highlands

Letter press cards for sale

Awesome Light fixture

Door Greeter

Loved this disply

Could have stayed here all day!!!

I enjoyed this trip the best this year for many reasons. Last year was right after the tornadoes had gone through Alabama and we had no power at home and these thoughts were heavy on our hearts. But this year I enjoyed thinking about the vendors as artist and how hard they worked and the hours they put into getting ready for the festival. I enjoyed how they set up their spots like little stores, and how they displayed their wares.  I collected business cards, talked to the vendors more and complimented them. I asked them if I could take pictures of a display if I liked it. I even sat and watched a booth for a lady so she could go to the bathroom.:)

Lovely children's booth

Big Blue Dog

Colander Sunshine

I want this!!!

Artist at Work

Business cards I collected

Sunday, as we made our second trip to the car with our treasures, we told them to book it again for us for next year.

I will do another post showing some of the lovely pictures of the houses in Inman Park. It is worth a visit or two.




4 thoughts on “Inman Park

  1. what a wonderful festival!!! so many goodies to look at! Love your posts! you are so very talented and i love you dearly!!

  2. A great collection of photos. You have a good eye. It is a treat to see the things you’ve noticed and read your notes. It sounds like you all had a delightful trip, and it was a great way to have special girlfriend time. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

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