House Tour of Inman Park

I didn’t forget about the awesome houses in Inman Park! Following up on my trip to the Inman Park Art Festival… (first post here) After I was “shopped out”,  I grabbed my camera and walked behind the scenes to look at the fabulous historical homes in the district. Most porches were full of people enjoying the festive atmosphere with friends and family, but a few were quietly waiting for me to take their picture. The historical district is very large here but I only walked in the area of the festival. There are about 15 homes open for tours during the festival. The homes have been lovingly restored and are so beautiful,

I would love to live in an old house on a shady street. People that do say it’s a labor of love. I think you have to be either married to a handy man or very rich, or maybe you become a handyman. (and become poor).

Inman Park is really a cool place to visit and close to the trendy Virginia Highlands area, where neat shops and chic eating spots are gathered together inviting you to stay awhile. There are several B&Bs in Inman Park. If you find yourself visiting Atlanta you should stay here instead of a hotel downtown! It’s very close to downtown but worlds away.

Have you found a favorite Bed and Breakfast or a favorite area you return to every year?


King Keith Bed and Breakfast (where we stayed)

Church Steeple with the Moon

gotta love a turret!


Love this Front Porch

Welcome Home

another front porch love

Love this one too. It was for sale!

A beauty!

Friends pathway! Love it.

He was quite sad to be left at home.





One thought on “House Tour of Inman Park

  1. I love the “doggy in the window” picture! (of course, I’m a dog/animal lover)
    And, I would love a big front porch with shade trees around the house. The front porch brings to mind an invitation to relax and socialize with family, neighbors & friends. I remember visiting with family that had a porch swing, when I was a child. We would sit and swing, as we discussed our latest interests. Those times live on as special memories. A shared, peaceful time. jerry

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