Favorite Find Friday – May 4

Etsy is an amazing online store. It sells only handmade items, vintage items or supplies. I love it! The handmade items are awesome! The artists are so talented and all the sellers go the extra mile to make sure their products look great and that you are happy with your purchase. Usually your purchase is packaged and shipped in neat presentations.

I have a lot of graduation gifts to buy this year and I bought some cool hand stamped key chains for the guys. The seller put them in these round metal tins with bright crinkled paper, then put that in a sheer silky bag that matched. They are ready to gift! She sent me a thank you gift for being patient on my order. See what I mean? The sellers are really awesome. I have purchased things that are wrapped up like I’m getting a gift, not something I BOUGHT! Love that!  I can say all this because I don’t have an Etsy store…yet. I will soon, it’s in the works.

And for the record… I only purchase 1  items 3 items while searching for these great finds! He is a cute little polish wooden boy doll but he has two sisters and I’m waiting on word whether they are available to come with him! They are all coming to live at my house! I’m such a lover of little dolls. Aren’t they the sweetest trio!!!!

Anyway, I would like to have Favorite Find Friday where I show some things I come across on Etsy that I like. It’s like having my only little Treasury List. Won’t be doing this EVERY Friday unless I get faster at this WordPress stuff.

Here is a link to the Etsy shops where these finds are from. These shops are full of great things.

Burlap Drumshade – Lucent Lampworks

Burlap Flowers – Kakaymarie

Cash Register Keys – Creative ARTifacts

Folk Doll – Anna Lou Vintage

Frozen Charlottes – Decadence 2 Art Bar

Paper Yarn – Paper Phine

Shoe Tile – Robert Ryan

Paper Heart Puzzle – Simple Joys Paperie

Silver Stamps – Grace and Ivy

Little Children – Jwrobel Studio Artisan 

Enjoy and have a great weekend.



4 thoughts on “Favorite Find Friday – May 4

  1. What a lovely selection of Etsy treasures! Thank you so much for featuring my antique silver stamp box! I’m loving our class with Jeanne! Hope you are too! Best wishes for much success! xo.

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