Favorite Find Friday – May 18

Kevin, my hubby, has a cute little 90’s convertible sports car. He likes to go for rides on the weekends especially when it’s beautiful and his work is done. He likes me to go with him. I usually try to find an interesting spot to go to.

This week I really wanted to go to this great antique store in Union Grove, Alabama. It’s about 20 minutes or so from here. Not his usual idea of a great stop but he was willing to take me if I didn’t shop long.  I love this antique store. It’s full of small stuff with lots of personality. I have several good memories here..the boys’ nursery dresser and mirror was purchased here when I was 7 months pregnant with Drew and I got a great buy on a Gorham silver plated tea and coffee service for $38.40 that sells for $950. All great reasons to return!

This is the kind of antique store that each dealer really has distinct personalities and really specialize in certain areas. My favorite of course is the sewing lady. I’ve have a wonderful collection of vintage sewing things and have bought several things from her over the years. I paced myself so I could have plenty of time in her booth! It was really hard to speed through the bottle and box collector and the religious booth guy and then the dishes person. Thank goodness there wasn’t a linen booth or I never would have made it. But there in the sewing booth was a little tin sewing kit just like the one I featured in last week’s Favorite Finds! And it was marked $4. What a steal! I’ve never seen one before. As excited as I was it didn’t compare to the find I made a few days later.

I stopped in at Packard’s Antiques, where I had an antique booth for many years, to pick up some buttons from a great button guy, and to kill some time. I found myself wandering down the glass case isle. I never look in them because you can’t see the prices and I hate to bother the people to unlock the case to look at things only to find out, it’s waayyy too expensive. But like I said I had time to kill…I found myself in front of this case full of really awesome things when I saw her! A beautiful vintage bisque dutch doll pin cushion and I could follow the string attached to her and see her price tag and it was $18.95. Excuse me sir… I need something out of this case!!

I love pin cushions and dolls and dutch girls!! She has it all going for her. Isn’t she adorable. I absolutely love this hand-sewn tag hanging on the back of her dress. Who put it there? Was it the previous owner wanting to remember where she bought her? Hmmm, I like to think so. She is so happy to be here and out of that case! One day I will take some pictures of my sewing collection and share it.  It’s not particularly large but unique and now has a new queen.

Label Sewn on Back of Dress

Enjoy this week’s favorite finds. I did make one small purchase this week while looking but it’s a supply for some jewelry I am making for the Etsy shop so that doesn’t count.

Thank you for reading. Don’t be bashful about comments either. I really enjoy them. That is only way I know that there is someone reading this other than my mother. (Thank you Mom for reading!)


‘Fun Favorites’ by love the giver

3 Antique French 1920s Wool Cards St Pierre Lyon and Paris Pure wool green, Eau de Nil, lavender grey - afarmhouseinfrance
Vintage / Antique Metal Shoe Pin Cushion - AloofNewfWhimsy
Brown leather and cotton hand embroidered  frame purse - diohej
v i n t a g e  tiny clay figurines in original box-performers - Harmonicajane
Embroidered Zipper Coin Purse, with Flowers - TheBlueRabbitHouse
5 Vintage Clothes Pins Clip Style - Very Cool Metal Springs - Lovely Weathered Wood - Great Usable Condition - GreenShedVintage
Vintage Watch. Handstitch. Leather Band ///////// Handcraft Watch ///////// yumyum - metaletlinnen
Vintage Holt Howard PIXIEWARE SWEETIE SYRUP Lefton RaRE Condiment Pitcher - LavenderGardenCottag
Miniature Irish Church Hand Painted Paper Clay -- Handmade in Ireland - homespunireland
Saving for a Rainy Day - Vintage Wooden Bank Made in Spain - becaruns
Bright Red Leather Cowboy Boots Well Worn Size 6 1/2 - dandyloveclothing
Bobby Pin Set in Holly Berry Paper Flower Eco Friendly Hair Accessory - BitsandBarley

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


14 thoughts on “Favorite Find Friday – May 18

  1. Love your blog! Ed has a 69 MG Midget that he likes to take for rides too! He wants me to go along & I’ll have to mention the antique shops. He’ll prob go for it because there is almost NO TRUNK!! Can’t buy much that way! Blessings to your family!

    • Rhonda, No room for treasures in this one either! I had to carry it all in my lap! Kevin and I usually go geocaching on our rides. (this is my hobby) I will find us some neat spot out in the country at an old church, cemetery or park. Don’t think I’ll be able to get antique shopping in again for a while. Hope your health is well! Give Ed our best.

  2. OK. All caught up on the blog. My favorite was the Mother’s Day poem. LOVED it. I am going to do something with that next year for Mother’s Day. (don’t tell!) It was so sweet. Anyway, loved the blog and look forward to checking in often! Blessings!

    • Thank you Benay. Share what you do with the poem, or maybe that will be on your blog. I too love the poem. It is so beautiful and true. Having read your blog for several years I see you as this type mother too, tending her garden with your children.

  3. Katey:
    Hello, I am loving the little dutch girl as I am partial to anything dutch since my
    mother is from Amsterdam. Also loving the Blog. Please keep it up.

    • Thanks Suzanne! I bet you have a little collection of wooden shoes too. I can’t resist those either! Thank you for sharing and for reading. Katey

  4. Such an adorable doll/pin cushion. You have her framed so sweetly with the lace and doilys. The photo brings back memories of my maternal grandmother, and my mother at her sewing machine. I’m so glad you started this blog. Your presentation and chronicles of your finds (“old, outside and odd”) are delightful. jerry

    • Thank you Jerry. I guess it’s time for an “odd” story since I’ve covered the other two. :) Thank you for your sweet comments. I took pictures today in Mom and Dad’s yard of their beautiful mop head hydrangeas. They are gorgeous!

      • She emailed the pictures you took. they are gorgeous, and you captured wonderful pictures of them. Your mom had mentioned them when they were just beginning to bloom, and how pretty they are to see from her sewing room when in full bloom. When I saw your picture with the sewing machine in the window, I was quite taken with it. The outside/in spective with

      • (attempt to correct word,I hit the “Post Comment” button by mistake)
        The outside/in perspective, with a touch of nostalgia for me. jerry

          • You have such talent. Visiting your blog is a treat. Your readers will enjoy the pictures of your parents’ hydrangeas as much as I have (and other family who’ve seen them, too).

  5. I am reading each post, just not one to make comments. Since I am dutch, I am lusting over this little purchase. She is adorable. I am not an antique collector but I have been in quite a few shops with you over the past several years. I am learning. Thanks for sharing;I am enjoying your stories.

    • Thank you Brenda. I had forgotten you are dutch. I can just hear you saying “oohh how cuute”. I bet she has never had a pin stuck in her saw dust body! Thank you for reading. I will have to do a geocaching story soon!

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